Minnesota Modern Masters

The Minnesota Chapter of the Society of Architectural Historians has been videotaping oral history interviews in order to document the architects, landscape architects, designers, historians, educators, critics, clients, and patrons who have made a significant contribution to modernism in Minnesota.

These interviews reveal how Minnesota’s architectural prowess grew to a national presence and became an important part of the state’s economy and culture. They are also rich with entertaining anecdotes about architecture school, near-mishaps on projects, and what was required to win a new commission.

The Minnesota Modern Masters project is being funded through grants from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Thus far, the following interviews have been completed, and edited versions are available for online viewing:

  • George Rafferty, FAIA, and Craig Rafferty, FAIA
  • Fred Bentz, FAIA, and Milo Thompson, FAIA
  • Linda Mack, Journalist
  • Gar Hargens, AIA, with regard to his work with Winston and Elizabeth Close and his own work
  • William Beyer, FAIA, and Thomas Meyer, FAIA, with regard to their work with Thomas Hodne and James Stageberg
  • David Salmela, FAIA
  • Bette Hammel, Writer
  • Ed Kodet, FAIA
  • Thomas Meyer, FAIA, Jeffrey Scherer, FAIA, and Garth Rockcastle, FAIA
  • Stuart MacDonald, AIA, and Robert Mack, FAIA
  • Dale Mulfinger, FAIA
  • Julie Snow, FAIA
  • Thomas Fisher, Director, Minnesota Design Center, University of Minnesota
  • John Cunningham, FAIA
  • Dewey Thorbeck, FAIA

The full interviews, which usually run about 90 minutes, and transcripts, are available in the MNSAH Records collection at Northwest Architectural Archives, University of Minnesota Libraries. Videos for online viewing are available on the MNSAH Vimeo page. Below is a sample of a Minnesota Modern Masters video interview with Linda Mack.



VIew more Minnesota Modern Masters videos on Vimeo—MNSAH

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